Saturday, 19 December 2009

Andalucian Outakes

Whilst I work my way through the 700 images I've come back with from Andalucia and write trip reports and action some of the tasks that were created as a result of the trip I thought I'd fill some space with a few 'outtakes' from the trip. Consider them a challenge, winner can do a 'guest' blog post on this blog on any birding subject of their choice.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Stewart from Boulmer Birder left a comment which I inadvertently deleted amongst a batch of spam (sorry mate)his comment was

"Hawfinch, Sardinian Warbler, Grey Wag, Fan tailed Warbler, Tawny Owl, Stone Curlew, Black bellied Sandgrouse and Serin in a 30 second glance? I might have my order mixed up but the list is from memory!"

5/8 better than I would have done in 30 seconds.

Stewart said...

Right, I've given them five minutes and a flick through Lars...
1. Hawfinch ( still)
2. Sardinian ( still)
3. This is a cock up, no idea?
4. Fan tailed Warbler ( No way am I calling it Zitting whatever...)
5. Little Owl? ( changed from Tawny...)
6. Stone Curlew ( still)
7. Black bellied Sandgrouse ( still)
8. Serin ( still)

Now thats got me thinking? I cant find my third error??? Doh...

Stewart said...

Is that Hawfinch a Jay!

Alan Tilmouth said...

With the exception of photo three Stewart has them all now. any further guesses on three?
(one is a Jay by the way)

alan gilbertson said...


Alan Tilmouth said...

Alan has indeed nailed the last one with his blinding and detailed description.