Thursday, 31 December 2009


The start of 2010 brings to a close the first six months since I sold my business and set out on a journey to turn my passion for birds and nature into a sustainable occupation. I have reaffirmed my belief that the opportunities exist if you have the character, resilience and determination to go and seek them out. Casting a glance back over the last six months I am pleased with the progress so far with notable milestones such as:

- securing part time work with Birdguides as part of their news team.
- having freelance work published online several times.
- becoming the Newcastle Journal's birding blogger.
- securing a place in a large seabird & cetacean survey project.
- creating and selling two products including the Bird North East Calendar 2010.

So what of next year? Well, there are a number of ornithological projects in the mix including two excellent web based opportunities that I have begun to discuss with potential partners. I have agreed to become an author again for Birds in Northumbria. I will as always be looking for opportunities to write and get published in a variety of places.
I finished my county list on 183 species this year, well down on my best but reasonable considering my other commitments, next year I intend to aim for a self-found county list, though I've had little time to cobble together a target (suggestions welcome).
I'm giving this blog a little revamp too so you may find a few changes over the coming days.
So, it only remains to wish everyone a Happy and hopefully bird-filled 2010, I hope my Homo Sapiens List gets some serious stick next year, although I may add a twist to that too.

Best Wishes



The Urban Birder said...


I commend your achievements for 2009. It's great that you have had the nuts to go out there and make things happen. It's not easy but you are making inroads.

I wish you total success in all your endeavours in 2010 and the decade that lies ahead.

All the best.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you`ve got in the mix for the year ahead, Alan, good luck with it.
Finally, what a stunning header photo, that is.

Thing said...

Having witnessed the 'Dusty' stage, through the 'Dusted off' stage to where you are now all I can say is well done and long may it continue! Nice redesign on the blog too.