Friday, 27 November 2009

Wil son It's Like This

I have a trip to Musselborough planned tomorrow for the Wilson's Phalarope that's been lingering though the news doesn't appear good as no reports have been made today. I am taking my seven year old son Joel on his first big twitch and had planned to come back via Aberlady's long staying Lesser Yellowlegs, a decent food stop in Eyemouth for a few gull pictures and then Stag Rocks to have another attempt at photographing Black Guillemot and Slavonian Grebe.
The weather looks reasonable so I think we'll go all the same and keep fingers crossed it's just been elusive.

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Stewart said...

I'm going to Aberlady too! For the Darren Woodhead talk and exhibition at the SOC Centre near where the Yellowlegs is...