Thursday, 19 November 2009

The weather summary by the morning TV presenters suggested my time may have been better spent building an ark and training doves this morning but the rain seemed to be just edging past the coastal strip so I breezed through another two TTV's.
I expected the first Tetrad to be poor as it is mainly farmland with a hamlet and one 'acre' wood, overall bird numbers were low but the first Sparrowhawk of my Atlas visits was pleasing as was single Redwing, Mistle Thrush & Fieldfare. Apart from a decent flock of Linnet and a surprise Nuthatch it was all Jackdaws.

Fieldfare, one only.
I expected more from Tetrad two, with much more woodland and some riverside habitat although again overall numbers were depressingly low I managed Treecreeper, a couple of Siskin & best birds of the morning an eclipse male Goosander and his two consorts.

Goosander, eclipse male

Goosander, female/immature
The male Goosander was conveniently diving around the weir at Sheepwash bridge allowing me to wedge myself above it behind the crash barrier and despite the greyness manage a half decent shot or two.
An interesting response to an enquiry I made earlier in the week has given me some food for thought, hopefully it might lead to what would be a very ambitious ornithological project.

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D - Wing said...

One day I hope to be able to take such close up shots of birds.