Monday, 30 November 2009

Warming The Cockles Of My Heart

With twins routine in the morning is essential to achieving anything from the rest of the day. Still in nappies so we have a chest high changing table next to one bedroom window overlooking the back garden and the scrub woodland to the north. Each morning the curtains are thrown open whilst I change nappies and dress them, on most occasions I'll see the odd bird, perhaps a gull banking it's way inland or a Collared Dove on a nearby roof or one of the many Tits that come to drink from the water in the corner of the conservatory guttering a few feet below.
I always point the birds out, hoping that some of it will stick. This morning it was my turn to be on the receiving end. As she stood having her trousers adjusted looking over my shoulder, my daughter of two years and sixty three days suddenly flung her left arm up to point, narrowly missing my left eye. At the same time she screeched "Dad" in a tone which most birders would reserve for say a sighting Of Zino's Petrel past their local headland or possibly a brief glimpse of Siberian Blue Robin on a foggy autumn morning. "Dad....AGPIE!" was the repeated excited perfect piece of ornithlogical identification.

So you'll excuse my pride and wish to record the start of her self found list.

Ella Tilmouth
30/11/09 Magpie 1, our apple tree.


Citybirding said...

Brilliant moment!

Clare said...

Awesome! Way to go Ella.

Davy Tee said...

Excellent, my five year old can id 12 birds now. Keep her at it.

Stewart said...

Better than a few I could name Alan ;)

Pete Woodruff said...

A great little post Alan......luvit!