Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Life In The Old Bones

Using Google Alerts I get all sorts of birding related material delivered to my inbox on a daily basis. Much of it is junk, I have found a few blogs and some good sites but about 80% of what comes in (there's that ratio again) is not worth reading or bothering with.
Don't know about you lot but I find Surfbirds a difficult site to navigate, it is not easy on the eye, almost like a moulting gull it sometimes feels it's neither one thing or the other, so I don't spend much of my online time there.
So when I ended up clicking on a link in a blog post that took me to the leader board of Surfbirds British non-motorised year list 2009 and found iconic Northumberland Birder Andy Mclevy sitting at the top, at number one, you could have knocked me down with a feather.
Having bumped into Andy en-cycle many times this year I had thought it was perhaps the start of a natural downshift toward a more sedentary form of birding in his Autumn years and all this time he's actually been pumping the pedals to maintain his competitive edge on a national, albeit obscure, listing challenge.
It may be slightly premature to congratulate him but he is 21 species ahead of his nearest rival and not likely to be caught. He may not thank me for it but I thought he deserved a little recognition for his achievement, 170 species by bike or on foot, no mean feat for a pensioner.


Phil said...

Hi Alan

Thanks for looking in on my blog. Enjoy your "bits" as it were. I've even taken a leaf from your book and intoduced "You might also like"



Pete Woodruff said...

This is the blog you suggested I may find the most interesting Alan, I'll let you know in due course. Meanwhile its really good to have you added to my 'Followers' and also to have you take my 'Flags' to top 100(soon)in no time at all......I'm very chuffed!