Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Introducing The Tetrad Twins

I like to think I can spot an opportunity and whilst I find myself increasingly railing against consumer culture and bored of plastic talent looking for five minutes of fame I can't help but sense the pre-pubescent excitement and love/hate relationship with the two Irish lads on Cowell's talent show. The untalented duo will probably make a healthy living from their flirt with fame and manufactured difficulty with Cowell. I can see you all drifting off now wondering what the hell this has to do with birding. Well this Christmas and (perhaps frighteningly) beyond it's all about twins, the marketing boys and girls up and down the land will be scratching their heads trying to get in on the act and no doubt a container load of Jedward dolls complete with spangly suits and spiky hair is already chugging it's way from Shanghai as we speak.
Why should big business have all the benefit of the latest trend? What about conservation getting in on the act so to speak.
So this morning in a blatant attempt to court publicity and nothing to do with filling up space on the blog I launched 'The Tetrad Twins', young, good looking, talented and doing their bit for the BTO Atlas.

The Tetrad Twins getting ready for the big launch.

Their first public appearance seemed to go fairly well, although the fame had gone to their heads a little by the end of the first hour as they were demanding dressing rooms and heated seats in order to continue. We kicked off in NZ28C which has a bit of up market urban, think David Lindo with a Jag, a tash and a pipe, a little farmland and a railway station for in-tetrad entertainment. It seemed to go well, we strolled past the local private nursery and you could see the other kids thinking "hey they've got OS maps and notebooks and look at the Leicas", no doubt some of the parents will get it tonight "Mum, can I get a pair of 8x42 from Santa?"

"27 in that flock Dad"

Should the BTO wish to get in touch contact details are on on the blog front page, obviously a signing on fee will be needed but a couple of bags of Cadbury Buttons and an Atlas notebook each should just about do it.
These things needs to be sustainable though, it's no good not having a long-term strategy so we have to look beyond The Tetrad Twins and think how we're going to stay with the market as it matures. One option would be a "Birders Got Talent' compered by none other than the Drunkbirder who could probably give Ant& Dec a run for their money(it's not hard). Filling the show would be easy as the Punkbirders seem to spend as much time making strange videos and perfecting odd talents as they do birding. It's got shit hit written all over it.
There we are an entertaining and interesting blog post without mention of the fact that Mistle Thrush and three Reed Bunting were the most exciting birds we managed in this morning's atlas tetrad, roll on Thursday.

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