Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Eider Rather Found The Iceland Gull..

but during a short visit to Blyth South Harbour on Monday I didn't. As a result I was faced with a choice, Eider I take some more duck pictures or go home empty handed. Not wanting to let you down I took the duck pictures. If a joke's bad it's worth repeating but Eider feeling you knew that was coming, Eider way here's the pictures and Eider better get going.

Male sniffing for shellfish

1st-winter male checking for rain

1st-winter male doing cow impression

female not doing very much

male dribbling


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Very good. I like your sense of humour lol

Kim said...

Great pictures of the Eiders and LOL on the 1st-winter male doing cow impression"

Killy Birder said...

Tis the way you tell em!!! ;-)

Mark Mowbray said...

must agree the cow impressions is rather amusing mate :)