Friday, 13 November 2009

At Las(t Some Birds)

Having had a fit of conscience about my lack of BTO Atlas activity recently I signed up for what seems every remaining available tetrad going last night. With November slipping by and nearly one quarter of the available time gone I thought I'd better get a shift on straight away.Glorious sunshine and 11degrees Celsius providing the perfect start.
Starting very local with the closest Tetrad to home with a Greggs Traditional Cornish in the backpack first bird was a Robin, I suspect this blog would begin to lose readership rapidly if I drone on about every tetrad and every sighting so I'll restrict myself to the odd highlight.
Bird of the day, a nice Willow Tit almost at the northern edge of the tetrad calling it's distinctive three note contact call full of zzzz's from a small mixed wood with a stream running through. Two Common Buzzard calling a few hundred yards from home were a close second.
Biggest miss of the day, a flyover duck that looked suspiciously like a drake Northern Pintail heading toward Bothal Pond. Strange flight action it kept moving it's head as if to look down like an inverse Red-throated Diver. 23 Species with another three roving on the way home and a decent pastie.
I didn't find the county's first Cetti's Warbler but someone is going to in the next few weeks and the smart money might just be on someone doing Winter Atlas work being the finder.


Steve Gale said...

Willow Tit...mmm. I vaguely remember them.

A Williams said...

That flight action you describe is something i've observed Pintail doing quite a few times at Lindisfarne, i saw one last winter stretch its neck so far underneath itself searching round i thought it was going to turn upside down!

abbey meadows said...

I was looking at East Chev the other day with Cetti's, Beardies in mind but you never see your target birds so I was happy with Water rail and Kingfisher.