Thursday, 1 October 2009

Through The Clean Window..

After a short fairly unproductive trip to a migrant less Woodhorn Church this morning (10 Long-tailed Tit, c20 Pink-footed Goose & Grey Heron if you must know) I was drafted in to the big clean up ahead of the weekends birthday teas for the kids.
When we had our conservatory put in, with one eye on my future retirement, I had glass panels in the roof rather than upvc. I wanted to look through and gaze at hirundines in the evening and gulls in the morning etc. Worked well for the first few months till they started getting dirty. Our window cleaner wouldn't touch them "far too dangerous mate" so I ended up with the job of cleaning them and I've settled into a sort of bi-annual routine which means that visibility is about as good as a foggy day in October just before they are due.
Today being a good clear warm day, I decided that as I was about to stand on the top of ladder for several hours I may as well try some vis mig. As it turned out nothing seemed to be moving but I did have in no particular order:

Common Buzzard 1 east
Sparrowhawk 1 east
Kestrel 1 static
Swallow 2 north, although probably only a short way.
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 adult west
Mouse (sp) investigating the kids wooden playhouse.

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