Friday, 9 October 2009

Sea Eagles - Another View

On Thursday night I drove down to Kingston Park for the AGM of Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club. A new and more convenient location for their indoor meetings. As well as the AGM they had a superb presentation from Terry Pickford about the eight years he spent studying and photographing White-tailed Sea Eagle in Poland between 2002-2009.

As you might imagine there were some superb images and he also has many hours of video footage which sadly we didn't get to see.

He made some interesting comments about the Natural England/RSPB Re-introduction Plans. His belief that the English re-introduction would be better off focused on Northern England albeit in Cumbria rather than Northumberland due to better availability of breeding and feeding habitat would seem logical. As long time readers will be aware I have stated in the past that I think a Northern project would make far more sense as it would be more likely to achieve a joined up population with existing reintroductions in Scotland ensuring good genetic interchange.

Maybe if one of the water companies up here could match the funding apparently available from East Anglia then the blinkers about the project location might come off in the halls of power.

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