Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Request for Numenius Morphometrics

This request for information went out on the West Pal Birds Yahoo Group today:

Dear Friends,
As you may already know, the last push in the search of the critically endangered Sllender-billed Curlew begin this autumn. In collaboration with SBC Working group www.slenderbilledcu rlew.net , I am drafting a proposal in order to search the bird markets all around North Africa and Middle East.There will be practical guidelines, with morphometrics of the 3 Curlews, in order to be able to measure and ID the possible Curlews for sale in the markets.I would like to ask your help regarding the morphometrics of each of the 3 species (bill lenght, bill + skull, tarsus, wing lenght, wing formula, etc, etc.) If there is anyone of you in possesion of such kind of informations, please send it to my address, or to Nicola Crockford nicola.crockford@ rspb.org. uk.Another important issue would be to translate this proposal into arabic. Is anyone willing to do this? It will be no more than one page.Thanks for your cooperation,Steve

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Andrew Kinghorn said...

I like to read about anything to do with SBC's. Thanks for posting.

I hope they are successful.