Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gis A Job

I don't think I've made any secret of it amongst friends. I may have even mentioned it on here I don't remember. After 25 years working for both others and myself I sold my business in the summer and I decided that I would use what little we had scrimped and saved to create what I like to refer to as a 'window of opportunity'. Can I find a way to make a living from Birds, Birding and all or anything that goes with it? So the big plan, the blogs it's all a way of trying to get noticed, to make contacts, to seek out new worlds, to boldly go, ahem, sorry off topic.
So am I making progress I hear you all ask? Well a little. Let me give you a flavour of what I get up to sometimes into the wee hours. This week for example after picking up on a news of breeding Icterine Warblers in Scotland I followed it up and pulled it together as a webzine article hopefully for publication on Birdguides. I've also been busy having discussions with the Slender-billed Curlew Working Group about Social Networking Media and other projects, as a result I'm in the middle of creating a Facebook page for them which will hopefully go live soon.
I had a little note about blogging, ostensibly encouraging non blogging birders to blog, published in the NTBC monthly bulletin. Of course I've done my duty and submitted September's records and a few images to NTBC as well. I'm on the trail of another organisation who need a little help modernising. I also started some investigations about a business service idea that whilst available in the US is not available here, making contact with the US provider and getting some useful information about their business in the process. Oh and then there's you lot, one Google Map, several sightings updates, a calendar image competition and the last known location of an albatross ringer in Oz. Quiet week really.
In amongst all of this I managed nine Med Gull (five adult, 3 2nd Cal, one 1st Cal) today in stubble just west of Woodhorn Flash North Pool and a fleeting, tantalising glimpse of another gull that I need to re-find tomorrow. A Peregrine in the big (crane) stubble field NW of QE2 pushed 35 Skylark south east just by sitting there.


Anonymous said...

I wish you well in your endeavors to make a living out of 'birds' easy thing..!

Don't know if i would encourage non-blogging birders to blog tho...i reckon 'they' should stay in the field and learn more essential bird hunting skills! Then again...i'm 'old-school' what do i know?!
Well....i do know that there 'seems' to be more so called experts 'on-line' than there seems to be actually 'in the field' these days...[just my impression....maybe i'm wrong?...hopefully i'm wrong]!

ps...okay...'serious' points of view over...for now! Best way to make a living out of we all to become a pimp of course...

pps...'star trek-isms' are catchy aren't they?....beam me outta here....!

All the best...the 'beast'...

Steve Gale said...

Good luck in the 'job creation' Alan. Have you considered getting into the environmental survey field? They are always needing ornithologists, although getting a bat licence seems to be the easiest way of making money at the moment. Bats, are, apparently, the 'in' thing with environment risk assessments!

The Liverbirder said...

Alan - as no Megas appeared on Burdguides today, what was the gull you were after that you had a glimpse of yesteday?