Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fantastic Plastic

School holidays mean an extra child in the mix and the need to find days out to try and add a little structure to the chaos that whirls around us when all three are together. Earlier in the week we headed off to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Centre at Washington. The kids get to run around and have their fingers snapped at and I can practice on the plastic with the camera so everyones a winner. The entry prices aren't too bad and at least you know some of your coin is heading in the right direction. We had a car boot picnic to keep the cost down. In years gone by Flamingoes were the main attraction but they've had their beaks firmly bent and been dislodged to the back of beyond with four Common Crane now the headline act. My youngest is coming on, asked to spot the odd geese out amongst the flock of tame Barnacle he picked out the two impostors, asked what they were, suggesting he look at the feet and back he comes with Pink-footed Goose, now how many seven year olds have ever heard of PFG? The slow brain washing is obviously working.

Bronze-winged Duck, Adult.

Wood Duck, Male.

Mandarin, Male.

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