Friday, 9 October 2009

Even Glossier (Free Gift Inside)

Being charitable I want everyone to see a bird as good and rare in the county as Glossy Ibis, although there is part of me that is beginning to think "enough." There have been some fantastic images around the various websites and blogs as a result of it standing ten feet in front of the Druridge Hide some fantastic fieldcraft skills from the local photographers. I went along looking for the Buff-breasted Sandpiper and bumped into Ian Fisher who was a relative latecomer to the Glossy Ibis that first Saturday, I helped him out by pointing out the Ibis to him so he was in no doubt. I owe him a small apology as it happens, he said he was gutted happened to mention that he was missing from my Homo Sapiens List. Truth is I have been neglecting this list of late as I've just seen too many birders and it all feels a little Inspector Morse writing down every one's name If I haven't met them before. So if you really want your five minutes of fame your name on the list, don't be shy like Ian and just give me a gentle verbal nudge.
So after what must have been several seconds of painstaking silent approach, using all the available cover combined with years of field experience I finally got my shot. I feel better now.

Glossy Ibis, 1st-winter, Druridge Pool.

Oh, I lied about the free gift, it would have been something useless anyway aren't they always?

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Bob Bushell said...

They are great, I hope to meet them very soon!