Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Empty Boots Birding

On any other day in the year, sitting at my desk with a few shots of Med Gull & Greenshank, having seen a Glossy Ibis and managed a couple of hours birding I would be feeling pleased that the day had gone well. Not today.
I spent the morning at Newbiggin trying to capture flight shots of 1st winter Med Gulls as they moved from shore to car park to get feisty over the odd crust tossed by some of the older visitors. A sunny day but the light plagued me a little, white balance, shadows, not easy and with two kids running around demanding constant attention I was never likely to sort it all out and grasp the opportunities.

Med Gull, 1st-winter, Newbiggin

Med Gull, 1st winter Newbiggin

Med Gull, 1st-winter, Newbiggin

Getting home and over lunch picking up news of a Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Cresswell and a possible Olive-backed Pipit at Beacon Point, I was grateful it was Wednesday and my parents have the kids from about two forty five for an hour or two. Duly dropped off, I dashed to Cresswell thinking that the Olive-backed Pipit might well turn into a Tree Pipit and after all it was only a 'possible'.
Arriving at the north car park the stocky frame of Tom Tams, local Moth recorder and a birder that tries his hand at photography now and again met me with the news that the BBS had fled the coop and hadn't returned. North. So not wanting to waste any time I span the bottle and thought I'd give Druridge a go.
Diddly squat from the Budge hide and no BBS from the Oddie Hide, I had to content myself with a Glossy Ibis and a couple of Greenshank. Even the GI was keeping its distance and only one of the Greenshank offered any opportunities to crank up the Canon. Feeding on small fish in front of the hide



Not quite gone...

A walk up to Bells Pond was even less productive. If I say Goldfinch was the highlight you get the picture. Also turns out that a Honey Buzzard slipped through about 45 minutes before I arrived at Cresswell and Alan Jack had the OP which means it was probably more than possible.

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Ipin said...

B-B sand at Druridge tonight, 1820 I reckon it will be there in the morning still