Friday, 23 October 2009

Candy Floss & Phylloscopus

Pre-dawn Friday minutes after the ECW was re-found.

I think like many North East birders I'm high on both today. After a dawn assault with Andy Mclevy and a few others to get to grips with what has to be one of the most sublimely beautiful phylloscopus I've been grafting away all day to try and do justice to a great bird and a great story, you can read the results here.
If your travelling up tomorrow, stand back, tick the bird and go buy some candy floss so you can sit on the beach and reflect on just how magnificent Eastern Crowned Warbler and South Shields Candy floss really is.

Edit: Nearly forgot the prize if there had been one for managing to get to the blog with an obscure search would have been 'yellow crested durham warbler' sounds like a yank.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed that phyllosc report Alan...[well...i would wouldn't i..?...having just got back from seeing the 'boy']...and what a fantastic bird!
What was 'not so great' however, was the journey back to Leicester which took over four flippin hours....twas hellish....

ps...was all worth it tho..!
pps...i wonder what else might be found over the weekend now...[rain permitting]...?

All the 'Beast'....

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Just wondered Alan,I know Geordies are people who live and were born north of the Tyne, but what do you call someone south of the river Tyne or are there just Mackens?!

Alan Tilmouth said...

There's all sorts of technical definitions but I think you'll find it roughly split based on football allegiance. There will be many on the south side of the Tyne that consider themselves Geordies and others who are proud to be 'Mackems' (from the pronunciation of the word Make as Mack.