Sunday, 25 October 2009

Back to Black

Having taken a pill after Friday's excitement this morning was a back to basics job. A wander up to East Chevington to check if yesterday's Black Redstart was still about delivered another county year tick. Lovely birds Black Red's although I found this one a little flighty compared to some I've seen, not sure if the belting westerly had anything to do with it. Watching it for a while it landed several times clinging to a vertical concrete surface in order presumably to catch an unseen (by my eyes) invert.

Black Redstart, East Chevington
A Short-eared Owl was well harassed by a small pod of mixed corvid till it dropped into the long grass on the south side of the road. Six Whooper Swan flying south were my first of the Autumn.
Further south four Twite were in with Linnets behind the dunes at Bells Farm and that was my morning, oh apart from the odd gull queue.
Common Gull, QEII CP


Johnnykinson said...

Hi Alan
Out today in Low Newton/Nanny Burn area, on way back after calling past Newton Pools on way through dunes past those prettily painted huts/ houses and back onto Low Newton beach i saw what i thought was a Black Redstart tussling with both a male ans female Stonechat. It was about 4.30ish and the light was fading fast the reason i thought it may have been a B R was the distinctive white wingbar/flash this very dark bird was showing but noticed yours was no way as white. Was i wrong do you think to think this was a B Redstart. Cheers
Loved the pic of the Common Gull by the way.

Alan Tilmouth said...

The white panel on Black Redstart is variable so it is possible, couldn't say with any certainty though. I was there a week ago and a family party of Stonechat were around so it is also possible it may have been another Stonechat.

Johnnykinson said...

Cheers Alan