Monday, 5 October 2009

Another One Bites The Surf

I noticed the Fea's Petrel reported sneaking past the seawatching hide at Spurn at 11.35am today on Birdguides. I tried to do some mental calculations but I think one of the kids had filled a nappy and distracted me. I logged on (no pun intended) tonight and selfishly breathed a sigh of relief as no further sightings had appeared.
Moments ago this appeared in my email

Latest sightings from BirdGuides, 5 Oct at 21:0705/10 21:07 NORTHUMBERLAND : Fea's Petrel, Farne Islands [AN]one flew north past the south end of the islands this evening (17:55)

As the children are asleep and I'm at my new desk in the bedroom a pillow was at hand to gently weep into.

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