Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Warmish, Niceish But No Greenish

Yesterday morning we were faced with one of life's little choices, school shoes or Greenish Warbler. Of course despite the kids protests I insisted we went for the school shoes.....first. Nineteen minutes it took before we were back in the car winging it over to The Mound at Newbiggin to hunt for Greenish.
I never normally take the kids anywhere near rarities, the little ones can be particularly erratic around crowds of tripod legs but I figured that on a Monday morning there might not be too many other birders around so it was worth a look.
Loads of butterfly activity with 5 Red Admiral gorging themselves on ripe Blackberries something the kids were all too happy to join in with.

Red Admiral
A couple of Speckled Wood flirted along the path up the mound dropping to Nettles regularly. We had several phylloscs along the south side, mostly Willow Warbler but no sign or sound of the Greenish. By the time my offspring had had their stick fight and puddle splashing these had moved through the wood to quieter parts.
Dipping can be hard to take when your young, when next September seems such a long time away and opportunities are few and far between.More blackberries lifted their spirits a little as we trudged back to the car and a chocolate button or seven later and the Greenish was just a distant-ish memory.

Dad those Wellies are Greenish can we tick them?

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abbey meadows said...

Speckled wood is always a good record. Saw another in Morpeth recently.