Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tibetan Sky Burial

I originally saw these images a few weeks back when Sharon Stiteler posted them on her Birdchick blog. As someone reasonably well travelled but brought up here in the west I found them fascinating, difficult to view, uncomfortable to think about but perhaps providing the ultimate carbon neutral funeral. There would seem to be little available here in the west that can offer anything as basically natural as this although who knows perhaps it is a future business development opportunity for Gigrin Farm.
If your squeamish or fainted at child birth just move on, don't follow the link, go and read something safe and friendly like Andy Mackay.
I just felt they were worth sharing as they challenge a lot of the ideas we have over here about death and the dead. Griffons I think if anyone is still reading.

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The Leicester Llama said...

It's a shame we don't have vultures in this country - I'd be more than happy to be disposed of that way. After I'm dead of course, although there might be one or two people who'd like to see the 'safe and friendly' Llama staked out for the vultures before then...