Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sun, Sea & ......................................Skua

Mid September, an Indian Summer. The North Sea is not the warmest places to be during the winter months so what might be the last of the warm days needs to be enjoyed. Out on what was billed as a 'Whale & Dolphin' Pelagic from Seahouses it seemed like everyone wanted to paddle. After all there is nothing better than dipping your feet in the water on a blistering hot day is there?

Northern Gannet

Great Black-backed Gull

Herring Gull
Some weren't content with paddling of course and had to go that bit further and get their head in and splash a little water down their neck.

Some of the young uns just couldn't resist the temptation to get all excited and a little rowdy and start ignoring the No Diving signs. There's just no stopping them when they get started. No Fear.

Gannet, Juvenile.
For some though it was time to relax, kick back, shut your eyes and let the last of summer just drift by. No better way to spend the day. "Someone shout if the Herring start moving."

Grey Seal
Despite all the government warnings about sunbathing some just don't get the message (says he who is the colour of ripe tomato tonight). "Hey up lasses the papperazzi are back."

Grey Seal(s)
Even those who normally shun the sun put in a brief appearance on two occasions. All the fuss was a bit too much for them though and they promptly rolled over never to be seen again.

Harbour Porpoise

Even a guest from further north just passing through wanted to get in on the act and check out the water temperature. A little bad-tempered he went off to chase a few terns but not before giving everyone a good look.
Arctic Skua

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Little Brown Job said...

Great capture of that diving Shag, lovely shot of the Seal too.