Friday, 11 September 2009

Still Waters

No pictures today as I opted for a couple of hours parked at Church Point scanning the mill pond that is the North Sea. What a day like today reveals is just how many birds are out there. No major revelations when it comes to species but I don't think I've ever seen as many Shags from Church Point groups of two-six scattered across the bay. Hundreds of terns and whilst some were moving actively most seemed content to fish in groups of two-ten. Passage of most species was light and most observations were at 500m+ range.
I was joined by a local naval expert who distracted me kept me entertained with his knowledge of Dutch shipping maneuvers in the North Sea. One alarming piece of information is that apparently if you 'go within 20 miles of a Yank they'll fire at you' we shall need to be extra careful on the NEWT Whale & Dolphin Pelagic tomorrow; and I thought Mr Obama was going to change all this US aggression.
With zero wind the calls of the terns could be heard from 100m out allowing the soft 'che-rie' call of a couple of Roseate Terns to filter through even to my partially deaf ear. Two fairly close summer plumaged Black-throated Diver were bird of the morning though as they moved powerfully south.

The Full List (for anyone that's got this far)
Red-throated Diver 5 south
Black-throated Diver 2 south
Sooty Shearwater 3 north
Manx Shearwater 2 north
Roseate Tern 2 north; 1 south
Golden plover 26 north
Velvet Scoter 1 north
Common Scoter 41 north
Common Teal 84 north
Arctic Skua minimum two, several sightings of a pale bird and an intermediate.
Sand Martin c10 south
Swallow c5 south
Meadow Pipit one or two over.
Shag, Kittiwake, Guillemot & Gannet everywhere you looked.
Grey Seal one adult.

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