Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Return Of The Snap

We've had an absence of images as a result of all the good seawatching, so after a quick check this morning to make sure that the passage had ceased as I expected I wandered onto a fairly busy (in avian terms) Newbiggin Beach. The Med Gulls here seem to becoming increasingly confiding and allowing reasonably close approach. A minimum of five today, one adult, one 2nd-winter and three 1st-winter.

Med Gull, 2nd-winter.

Med Gull, adult winter.

Med Gull, 1st-winter

Med Gull, 1st-winter.
Plenty common waders Redshank, Turnstone, Ringed Plover & Sanderling feeding over a wide area and again not spooking too easy.

Common Redshank.


I was trying hard for the reflection but not quite there.

Not quite sure I'm getting the white balance right yet.
A quick foray along the Ash Lagoon Bank produced a tsunami of Meadow Pipit, Goldfinch & Reed Bunting.

Reed Bunting
A good few warblers rattled around the bramble on the banks, too many to get to grips with in the half hour I had remaining. So apart from this sprightly Lesser Whitethroat and a skulking Common Whitethroat the rest shall remain nameless.


Ipin said...

Alan, I spies the colour ringed sanderling in the background there, are you reporting it?

Alan Tilmouth said...

feel free to do the necessary I'm not precious about it.

Martin Kitching said...

First image either has a strange photographic artefact...or isn't an adult

Alan Tilmouth said...

No artefact Martin, well spotted, more speed less haste make it a 2nd-winter.