Sunday, 27 September 2009

Fun With Phyll & Sylvia

If yesterday was gloss this morning was the emulsion. I couldn't face the idea of the inevitable crowds that would be drawn to the Ibis even though my snatched shots yesterday were poor in comparison to some of the others floating around from once it had settled.
Instead I headed to Woodhorn Church and the hedge that lies in the field to the east. With the sun sneaking over the railway line and lighting up the mixed unkempt hedge filled with the reds and blacks of autumn Elderberry, Rosehip, Hawthorn & Blackberry it's one of my favourite places at this time of year.
Even the soundscape had that autumnal feel this morning, the sad phrases of the Robin song singing out the last of the summer sunshine with just the occasional 'jack' from Jackdaw in the nearby churchyard as they rose and wheeled in the morning sun.
With predominantly WSW winds over the last few days I didn't expect too much. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of phyllosc warblers. I use the general term because I'm convinced there were several that went unseen and unidentified. At least five maybe more Common Chiffchaff provided a bit of a photographic challenge. Incredibly active, chasing, feeding, ducking and diving they should be renamed 'Amphetamine' Warbler. just occasionally they'll shove a bill out at you or perch tantalisingly in the open before zipping back behind a leaf or a bunch of berries.
I spent a good hour and must have shot a couple of hundred shots at several different birds. Here are the four, that turned out ok-ish.
Whilst the shots above may not reflect it they seemed to favour Elderberry to feed in, spending more time in these bushes than Hawthorn.
A short walk along the Ash Lagoon bank unearthed a single male Blackcap feeding on berries, out of range of my lens. Rather ominously I spied JGS over near the Woodhorn hedge as I drove home. Two Common Buzzard over Longhirst Flash were perhaps the same birds noted over Butcher's Lane yesterday.

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butchers lane was known as butchers lonin to me.