Sunday, 20 September 2009


Tootling along near the now closed and sealed Ellington Road Landfill (RIP) I noticed about 50 large gulls roosting in the large ploughed field. "Super" I thought "that'll fill in twenty minutes before I go home."
So with scope setup I'm working my way through them when up they go in a flash.

The Culprit
None of the large gulls hung about any longer than necessary but the Crows they were a different story. This was their field and they were going nowhere. However our culprit maybe young but he wasn't giving up either.
Closing in on the Crows
After several mock attacks he managed to ruffle a few crow feathers and got them up in the air where he/she promptly started giving chase.

Juvenile Peregrine chasing Carrion Crow
No sooner had the youngster headed off to wreak havoc elsewhere than an adult arrived and promptly landed in the middle of the field, sitting there a good ten minutes before heading up to a higher vantage on one of the nearby pylons.

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