Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Catch The Pigeon

In a half joking but incredibly prophetic Facebook status yesterday I said

"who has three children with birthdays in the next five days, hopefully starts some paid work this week and needs to visit his accountant to sign off a set of business accounts, is willing to bet that Sandhill Crane turns up on the mainland to throw a spanner in the works by Thursday"

Anyone wishing to have six numbers selected should email me at birdneast@btinternet.com to arrange payment of a modest fee that they will surely recover many times over within days.

I've seen one estimate based on it's current speed that it could arrive in Northumberland as soon as 4.00pm tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see whether it sticks to the coast to skirt round the mountains or flys down Loch Ness and ends up tracking down the west coast. In any event there is going to be lots of eyes searching for a single bird over the next 48 hours across southern Scotland and the North of England. Let's hope it's found somewhere viewable and do-able early Thursday morning.

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Stewart J said...

Watching this unfold yesterday on BF and on the google mapping site is both fascinating and riveting, has me wondering if anything like this has ever been done before! Is it a world first in that so many observers are scanning the skies (and stubble fields)and inputting their sightings so quickly for the benefit of others?

Northumberland Thursday would be good I'm off on holiday Friday.