Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Best Tufted Puffin Quote Of The Day

From the finder Murray Wright:

"After I left a Fulmar (the second record this year) was seen flying into Faversham Creek - damn I needed that one too! "

Priceless. Something every single patch worker around the country will have empathy with.


Johnykinson said...

2nd best Tufted Puffin quote of the day.
My Grandson was 1 year old last week, so i was down in Kent for 4 days and managed to slope off twice. The second time i was going to visit either Elmley Marshes or Oare Marshes.
Spun a coin and ended up at Elmley.
Quote " I was only 6.43km ((i've just measured it on Memory Map)( that's as the Tufted Puffin flies mind))and 9 days away from seeing it."

Andrew Kinghorn said...

Missing a Fulmar on the local patch after finding the UK's first Tufted Puffin........ that sort of thing ruins your day...