Friday, 28 August 2009


Internet connection surprisingly isn't on the list of amenities our chosen holiday residence offers. You would think they could afford wifi at hundreds of quid per week. When I enquired about it as an afterthought and then asked about local wifi hotspots, clearly stating I meant the world wide web just in case 'wifi' means something else in Welsh, a message arrived back several hours later telling me there was one twenty minutes up the road at a Little Chef. So that's a forty minute round trip to sit in a Welsh Little Chef drinking bad tea and smelling overcooked bacon.
Enjoy this post then as it looks like it's my last for a week. Savour the visual delight of the three Arctic Skua I watched late afternoon as they harassed and darted at a single unfortunate Tern far out above the white topped scudding waves of the North Sea as they are the final bird I can offer this summer. When I return Autumn will be five days old, the landscape will have changed, every bush may hold the big one (ever the optimist).
It's a family holiday although the wife is already complaining about the full compliment of optical & photographic equipment being polished ahead of loading the car, "We're going on holiday not bloody filming in the Serengeti" as she put it.
I may manage the odd few minutes of snatched birding here and there, after all the house that we can call home for a week is only fifty feet from the high tide mark looking out into the Irish Sea. Checking up on Birdguides today they had a Sabine's Gull, a couple of Balearic Shearwaters and a few thousand Manxies just 30 miles north. I must be able to pick a few up from the beach on 60x even with a glass of Sauvignon in hand.
Secretly I have a target list, it only has three species on it but nonetheless its a list. One visit to Anglesey should see me get them all, Chough, Black Guillemot & Cetti's Warbler. Cetti's would be a UK tick for me and I only found out there was a few pairs breeding on Anglesey when I was browsing Lee Evans Ultimate Site Guide, which is paying for itself already.
So I shall leave all you listers salivating at the prospect of poring over my 'Birds Seen On A Non Birding Family Holiday To Wales List' when I get back. Looking at the area and the records over previous Augusts there's a smattering of Melodious Warbler, a few Long-tailed Skua and Stormies, just north is Black Rock Sands with Ring-billed Gull five years ago and Caspian Tern there in 2001. So till next week, ma s yn gobeithio pawb 'r awelon ydy chan 'r gorllewin.

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Have a good one, Alan, and hope you get your 3 target species.