Saturday, 8 August 2009

NTBC/NEWT Pelagic 7 Aug (3)

First up apologies for the picture only post for the first half of today, by the time I had processed all of yesterday's images I ran out of time to write anything for the post. First pelagic without rain a very calm sea and two boats, surely, surely some good seabirds or a fin or two?
Sadly the drought of quality seabirds continues, a single Sooty Shearwater which came from behind me so only offered an AHV (Arsehole View).

Lots of Manx Shearwater possibly 80-90 over the four hours with some reasonably close to the boats, one or two even landing briefly on the water. Often in groups twos, threes up to maybe 20 the biggest group.

In bright low light I needed to face south east to try and capture decent images and as many of the Manx were heading south I found myself again with AHVs aplenty. Most of my clearest shots were similar to the one below, decent close bird in decent light but going away from me.

Of course we got some good gull action when the chumming started, probably 200+ gulls gathered around the boats with a good mix of all three common large gull across the age range with a few Kittiwake, Fulmar & Gannet mixed in.

Lesser Black-backed Gull.
A single distant skua that was probably a juvenile Arctic, had a brief sortie with a group of feeding terns and whilst in best 'Albatross off the Scillonian' fashion the boat was turned we lost sight of it before arriving near the point it had been at.

I think I've sorted out the blur I had first couple of times on flight shots with the suggested increase in shutter speed. Most of what I took was at 1/1000 or 1/1250 until we lost the light.
We were treat to another superb sunset over Northumberland and with the chance to catch up with another Northumberland blogger on the steam back in it was a nice end to the night.

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