Saturday, 22 August 2009

How Could I Forget Dave?

In the comments from the last post its obvious I missed another blogger. Dave who may be French but didn't sound it, was with The Drunkbirder and The Leicester Llama and I'm afraid to say I didn't realise he was one of us, not that I'm French.
Anyway he is le Dave, a blogger, as well as soon to be qualified to tell your fortune, forget the stripey t-shirts and french sounding blog title and check out some of his Hellorborines here.
I also forgot to mention I saw the Rutland Ospreys but they haven't left a comment reminding me so I wont link to them.


The Leicester Llama said...

Dave claims to be Welsh, although he was born and bred in Leicester. I'm not entirely sure why his blog is called Avez vous un cuppa (something to do with an old PG Tips advert with the chimps?), but I'm sure he'll explain!

Skev said...

Welsh, French, Les-ta - make your mind up Dave! On top of all that he supports Liverpool.

If the Birdfair is now a bloggers convention than I'll make the effort next year and ensure it doesn't coincide with weekends away etc.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Hi Alan, the title is more to do with twitching the Wallcreeper last year in France, But it's a long story?!?
Any way I put a link to your excellent blog,