Thursday, 6 August 2009


All the viruses have cool numbers now don't they? We can't just have flu anymore we have to have H1N1 et al. This is the reason for the lack of post activity this week our very own pandemic sweeping half the family (does that make it a famdemic?) better known as chicken pox we thought Hen1Twin2 kind of summed it up as it's on it's second twin now and has evolved into a more virulent strain this time (don't they all).
So birding opportunities have been few and far between. Lunch on the lawn at Tynemouth Priory today I cranked up the shutter speed and tried a few easy flight shots on the local Herring Gull.
So far so good, i thought, seems to be the answer for good light conditions but what about poor light when you have no option but to have a slow shutter? Is flash the answer? As you can see below my results without flash are poor even with a slow flight and wing flap speed bird like Long-eared Owl. This one was feeding two well grown young over the last two nights.

The other non camera action this week has been two Peacock, a garden Stoat and a well grown Terrapin in the awful little pond in Northumberland Park, Tynemouth. Obviously the latter was a release that has survived. Maybe it's already famous and I've just never come across it. I don't suppose I can count the rat hanging from the LEO as a sighting its probably dead.

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Anonymous said...

Just guessing that the owl was too far off for the flash to be effective. If you were using the built in flash on the camera, then it definitely would be too far off