Friday, 21 August 2009

Blogging The Bird Fair.

Spent a wonderful but hectic day at the British Birdwatching Fair today, loads to see and with a who's who line up of British Bird Bloggers I could probably have done with two days. Strange to be recognized on a couple of occasions and nice to make the acquaintance of several birders I have not met before. Of course I headed over to the Birdwatching Northumberland stand to offer moral support to the local lads. What I hadn't expected though was to find the impact of the recession, you know its bad when first Tom Cadwallender from Northumberland AONB and Martin Kitching from Northern Experience Wildlife Tours were both caught on camera pickpocketing visitors to the stand.

The Box might be a little obvious Tom?

She's not looking and I've got the purse!
Speaking of NEWT trying to have a conversation with the other half of the business Sarah Barrat proved nigh on impossible as call after call for their newly launched Kielder safari kept coming through.

Yet another booking.
One of the busiest non optic stands was the Paramo clothing stand, every time I passed there were people trying on and rummaging through not only the sale rack but the main stand too, what recession?

The optics stands were hugely popular particularly Leica, Swarovski & Zeiss

Swarovski Viewing Area.
Prize for the gaudiest stand and biggest poster goes to Australia (surprise surprise) I resisted the temptation to mention the cricket as they seemed to be having a good time. And best T-shirt, Catweazle with Jon Pertwee was a must watch when I was a nipper. Where can I get one?

British Bird Bloggers were out in force and I managed to put loads of faces to names, Steve Rutt from Stuck in a Rutt working hard in his Birdguides internship. Andy Mackay, The famous Leicester Lama. Below Johnny 'Five Bellies' Hague the surprisingly sober Drunkbirder swaps blog tips and future collaboration with David 'Urban Birder' Lindo who sadly had left his birding mother at home.

Earlier on I had been chatting with Tim Cleeves about the Slender-billed Curlew project when the inspirational Charlie Moores from 10000birds turned up on the stand and got straight down to seeing how he could get involved. Charlie is one third of my favourite bird blog and writes amazing pieces that always grab your attention and transport you to wherever he wants to take you but is also 100% committed to conservation and raising the profile of conservation work as and when he can.

Charlie Moore (left) and Tim Cleeves talk Slender-billed Curlew.
There's two more days what are you waiting for go, now.


corey said...


Thanks for your post that gives a good look at what is going on at Bird Fair (someday I'll get there) your kind words about 10,000 Birds.

BTW, Charlie is on the left in the picture above, unless he is trying to stay incognito or something, in which case we'll stick with the original caption...

Alan Tilmouth said...

Thanks Corey, 420 miles and then six hours of schmoozing before writing the post I was a little jaded.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Hi Alan, you forgot me "Avez-Vous un Cuppa?" blogger (John Hague best mate). I'm the one with the green stripy t-shirt opposite John!

The Leicester Llama said...

Good to meet you yesterday Alan - I must put a link to your blog on my links list!

I'll be posting something about the Birdfair at some stage, but I'm there again tomorrow, so might as well wait till after that. I also need to get some more 'papped' photos if possible...


The Drunkbirder said...

Hi Alan, it was good to meet you. Weird recognising someone you've never met. Hopefully David Lindo is coming to do a bit about birding in the City of Leicester though I suspect he'd see more back home in Sheffield.
Blyth managed a 2-1 defeat at home to table toppers Corby Town yesterday. Oh well... howay Blyth!