Friday, 3 July 2009

Yesterday (All My Troubles....)

OK I've cheated, I could have posted this yesterday as I knew I wouldn't get out today but I suppressed it so I would have something to offer today. After the school run I headed up to Beacon Hill and had a wander around the pasture to the East and a small fishing lake down the Stanton road called Meg's Lake.
In the pasture there were tens of Ringlet I counted between 40-50 over a 500m area. One or two Large Skipper and a couple of small butterflies that I think are Small Heath. (see image 1).
Small Heath.

Back up near the car I had a quick glance around the wood but didn't have much except a scabby looking Nuthatch. I did find a single Water Avens in flower in the hedgerow at one corner of the woodland.

Water Avens.

Meg's Lake is a fishing lake created by local landowners and has a mown path to it through some rough grassland and a little scrub Hawthorn & Willow. The owners obviously take care of it, as the path is well mown. Part way down I came across a Brown Hare in an adjacent field that came fairly close and just stared at me for a while before ambling off in no particular hurry.

Brown Hare
Once at the lake there were few birds, a flyover juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker teh pick of the bunch, Willow Warbler, Common Whitethroat & the ubiquitous pair of Canada Geese on the lake.
Good numbers of Common Blue Damselfly were everywhere, skimming the water surface and cavorting with abandon in the reeds. New for me were two pair of Large Red Damselfly again getting it on like there was no tomorrow.

Large Red Damselfly.
I finished off the day with a family picnic in the garden, joined by a single Red Admiral that hung around one of our birches sunning itself. It was interesting to watch it's behaviour, I've never really given much thought to Butterfly behaviour just accepting they flutter by, lay eggs etc. The RA last night though was like a heat seeking missile whenever anything flying passed within 30ft. It may not be able to tell the difference at that distance between a Blackbird and another butterfly as it flew up and at both at various times. When it did meet another RA they both moved up about 30ft in the air and spun around each other in small circles furiously for a short while before our picnic guest fluttered back to land on the birch again. At one point it landed on my wife's shoulder and sat there happily for 1-2 minutes.

Red Admiral.


Big Yin said...

Small Heath it is. Good stuff with the camera too - it adds a little extra.

Anonymous said...

So the camera arrived.
The new look, look's good.