Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Wild Places

I was working this afternoon and household chores this morning so nothing new today which gives me the opportunity to share some words that I read about two weeks ago as I came toward the end of a book called 'The Wild Places' by Robert Mcfarlane. This series of quotes refers to our relationship with the world around us and had a resonance for me. I found the book a reasonable read and well written. Anyway excuse the indulgence if your looking for birds.

We are as a species finding it increasingly hard to imagine that we are part of something which is larger than our own capacity. On almost every front we have begun a turning away from a felt relationship with the natural world. In so many ways there has been a prising away of life from place, an abstraction of experience into different kinds of touchlessness. we have in many ways forgotten what the world feels like. And so new maladies of the soul have emerged, unhappinesss which are complicated products of the distance we have set between ourselves and the world. A constant and formidably defining exchange occurs between the physical forms of the world around us and the cast of our inner world of imagination. The feel of a hot dry wind on the face, the smell of distant rain, the touch of a bird's sharp foot on an outstretched palm:such encounters shape our beings and our imaginations in ways which are beyond analysis and beyond doubt. There is something uncomplicatedly true in the sensation of laying hands upon a sun-warmed rock, or watching a dense mutating flock of birds, or seeing snow fall irrefutably upon one's upturned palm.

I could hear the House Martins calling to one another joyfully through the open kitchen door as I typed.

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Steve Gale said...

Couldn't agree more. At least we are not the only ones who feel this way - increasingly in my case.