Wednesday, 1 July 2009

There's A Rhino In My Garden.

Now you wont hear that very often round these parts. This particular 'Rhino' lacks a horn however as it's a girlie. Pushing the kids on the swings a few days back and I noticed her trying to sneak by whilst we weren't looking. Luckily like most girls a little sweet talk and she was posing for the camera like a pro.
Getting the photo was the easy bit on this one though. Where the hell do you go to ID a beetle?
Whilst I have managed to track down an ID via the Natural History Museum site, it is very apparent that in comparison to our other wildlife very little seems to be on-line in terms of Beetle distribution, population etc. It took me quite a few google attempts to track down any info at all. It has been recorded in Northumberland before at least once. Slightly conflicting status information with one source suggesting it is common and another suggesting it is the least well known of the three beetles of this type in the UK. Oh almost forgot to tell you it's a female Rhinoceros Beetle or Least Stag Beetle Sinodendrum cylinricum. Apparently they feed on rotten wood particularly Beech. This one appears slightly lost.

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