Friday, 31 July 2009

The Starling Series Episode 3.

After the tide had pushed the waders up onto the breakwater and it was obvious if I tried to go closer I was going to push them elsewhere so I headed back to the car. Plenty gulls and Starlings still foraging in the car park and almost under the rear wheel of the car this.

I had a momentary double take realising quickly that despite the time of year and location it wasn't Rose-coloured Starling but a leucistic Common Starling. I'd often wondered about the accuracy and correct use of the terms 'leucistic' and 'partial albinism', a quick google and the Cornell Lab have it all sorted.

This is the 'museum shot' (above) how it would have looked had I been a Victorian collector. And one with a normal Starling for comparison.

Finally, this bird was such a poseur and very confiding walking around to within a few feet. It's an adult and not one of this year's young. There was a second adult nearby with a single white tail feather, I wonder if they are related, perhaps siblings? travelling in a family group that has amalgamated with other family groups. Anyone else seen this individual around?

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forestal said...

wonderful pictures - interesing find indeed. Nice when they pose :)


Anonymous said...

Smart looking bird that, Alan. I love to see Leucistic/Albinistic individuals, whether full or partial.