Sunday, 19 July 2009

Prior to an hour seawatch that offered slim pickings last night, so slim JGS and I ended up with him trying to string a Little Gull and me looking at a tern that was probably closer to Germany trying to readjust the colour on the bill to orange, I dropped in to Wansbeck Business Park.
Observant as ever I had noted that ST had occasionally forayed into the pond for dragonflies & damsels and I was passing so... I stopped.

Unused to pedestrians this Common Coot stood its ground as I approached. I was a little surprised to find two female Tufted Duck with broods. Again they observed me as they would a predator, coming close for an thorough inspection.

With a bit of a breeze the pond was Dragon free although I did happen upon a couple of Damselfly. The one below had me puzzled for a while and I have tentatively palce an Id of Blue-tailed Damselfly, female of the type infuscans, I'd appreciate confirmation from those wiser in the way of the Dragon. Apologies for the poor image on this one.


Midmarsh John said...

What a brilliant yellow, almost gold, eye on the tufted duck. Lovely clear photo.

ST said...

Yup and lots more of the colour forms there .
Best place for them is the end nearest the factories at the back of the site or 'smaller pond' near the trees if that makes more sense.

Blyth Birder said...

Is this the same as Ashington Community Woodland DB?

Is it accessed from the South, ie near Asda or did you walk through from the other end?

I tried it once before from the entrance opposite the landfill site, must try it again when this pesky wind abates.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Similar location, the pond is in the middle of the business park to the south of the community woodland. I accessed it through the main road entrance 500yds west of the new Asda.

Blyth Birder said...

Cheers, I'll try that route.