Saturday, 25 July 2009

NEWT/NTBC Pelagic (24 July)

Last night was the first of the NEWT/NTBC Pelagic trips out of the Tyne. Having not been out on a pelagic since probably 2001 I have treat myself this year and booked on all but one, no doubt that will be the one that gets the Soft-plumaged Petrel as it comes back down the East Coast. A full boat left in good spirits and dry weather, a few faces on board that I knew apart from MK. We soon picked up a few birds, Herring Gull and Kittiwake mainly along with the odd Great-black backed Gull. A single Manx Shearwater and a group of three lifted hopes. We got a decent following after passing a fishing boat but there was nothing unusual amongst them.
Kittiwake.(the one with black legs)
After a little while out someone must have leaked out the news that a celebrity blogger was on board and a quick flyby was organised in tribute.

Red Arrows
Once out and stopped one or two Fulmars circled at first then came in close, expecting to be fed I think.

Northern Fulmar
Northern Fulmar.
It wasn't too long before the first Northern Gannet appeared, the first of several that passed by or came in to feed on Mackerel and popcorn watching the scene on the deck from a few feet above.

Northern Gannet (sub-adult)
The weather took a turn for the worse as the evening progressed, it provided some interesting and photographically challenging light conditions, a couple of rainbows, some lightening flashes and a cracking sunset.

Northern Gannet

Tynemouth does Trinidad & Tobago.

North Northumberland ablaze.

The heavy rain resulted in the best bird of the evening slipping by without anyone including me calling it. I saw it but in the gloom and rain must have thought it was just another Manxie slipping past. Not till I started reviewing the images today did I suddenly realise that we had let the one and only Sooty Shearwater of the night go past without as much as a cheer. Roll on next week and hopefully some improved conditions.

Sooty Shearwater in the rain.


Neil said...

Hi Alan, great photos from Friday night. I can't believe we let a sooty go past unnoticed, makes me wonder what else we missed - there was a call of Great Shearwater before the rain, I think we should claim it! Also, poses an ethical question regarding the destination of the sweepstake winnings, I cite the case of the lose and found lottery ticket last week, if I'd picked 18 I would sue.

Alan Tilmouth said...

No neither could I, was incredulous when I started looking at the images, given that I actually took the shots and therefore must have 'seen' it.