Monday, 27 July 2009

High Tide Walk

High tide along the Wansbeck this evening and today's wind dropping a little so I had a quick walk, primarily to look for waders. Less than fruitful on this front with only two Common Sandpiper above the weir. Roosting on the south bank though was a nice year tick in the form of a single Little Egret. it was some 60-70m away so this is a record shot only, I didn't want to disturb it by plodding around closer just to get a better picture.

Little Egret, Wansbeck Estuary.

A good few terns fishing in the shallows of the high tide, pretty much all Common Tern which is typical for the location, as it is much more favoured by Common than any of the tern species.

Common Tern, Adult.

Common Tern, juvenile.

Longing for a North Easterly I hung around the shore looking north to Church Point, fiddling about with the camera trying to get that foaming water look that all the photographers seem to do. Sort of getting close with this one.

Church Point from the South.

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ST said...

Egrets, a nice find