Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Delivering The Darter Despite Drive Disaster.

Phew, what a day. Last night as I finished downloading yesterday's image the external hard drive I use for image and software storage started making an ominous clicking noise. A few minutes later it became inaccessible.
That resulted in a morning at PC World to check it in for major surgery. The bad news tonight is that they appear to be unable to recover the data 'in store' and are suggesting it may cost several hundred pounds. A quick Google and it looks like nearer 350 but on top of the 130 I've spent on two new ones it's becoming an expensive and unbudgeted for week.
On the positive side, this Red-veined Darter influx has given me the opportunity to try and get some writing published elsewhere so I've lashed off crafted
an article for the Birdguides webzine in the hope that it might get published.
I've also offered the story freelance to a couple of the local papers but what with the state of newspaper publishing these days I'm not holding out much hope of a response.

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