Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Darter

It's nice to be in at the start of something. All this attention on Dragonflies I thought there needed to be an outlet, something accessible to everyone that could bring people together that have a common interest and act as a hub for information on sightings, sites, ID, behaviour etc.
So without further adieu I give you The Darter a brand new community 'open access' weblog focussed on dragons & damsels here in Northumberland & Durham.
The great news is that Harry Eales County Recorder for both counties has already signed up as an author, another 21 open invitations to become 'authors' are out there in the Inboxes of the interested and the knowledgable.
Want to join? Easy email me at birdneast@btinternet.com and I'll send you an invite, just read the post guidelines and enjoy being part of the new Dragonfly community in the North East.

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