Friday, 31 July 2009

Camera Practice 2

The tide was coming in and I could hear the odd Redshank and Curlew calling on the other side of the Newbiggin breakwater so I walked around the rocks and found a small mixed flock of waders. The one Curlew present immediately departed calling, almost as soon as I arrived so I settled down to wait a while before creeping closer. The remaining Redshank & Turnstone settled down, as you can see by the third image some of the Redshank simply went back to sleep.

Common Redshank, Newbiggin.
Several Turnstone retained the vestiges of summer plumage, again they were quite confiding with one appearing from a narrow gully in the rocks to check out the idiot lieing on the seaweed just ahead of the oncoming tide.

Turnstone, Newbiggin.


Anonymous said...

You`re definately getting to grips with the new camera, Alan.
Great set of photos.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Thanks Dean, move into more challenging light and flight though and I'm still fingers, thumbs and head scratching.