Thursday, 30 July 2009

Camera Practice 1

If your not into Gulls, just switch off now because this post is all Gull. With childcare in place as usual on a Thursday morning I was up early and down to Newbiggin to have a bit of camera practice. The light wasn't great a bit patchy but it was a pleasant enough morning and I had the beach to myself. As I arrived a line of Black headed Gull waited patiently in the car park, at the end was my first Med Gull of the day an adult starting to get a little patchy around the head.

Med Gull, adult.

Down on the beach another small flock of Black-headed Gull were roosting on the tideline debris. Another quick scan pulled out another Med Gull but this time a juvenile. I was keen to see if it was one of the first Northumberland bred birds but alas no ring and I know all three juveniles fledged from Coquet Island this year were ringed.

Med Gull, juvenile.

It woke up after a while and had a bit wander about the tide line. Later in the day I was getting some text messages from AP and I had told him about this bird and he sent a message back saying it was coming down to bread.

Med Gull, juvenile.

There were at least two other adults in the same roost as the juvenile, both almost moulted into winter plumage. They are just beautiful, beautiful gulls to photograph and reasonably confiding at Newbiggin, the two adults hardly moved at all whilst I was there. I wonder if the juvenile is their offspring and how far they have moved.

Med Gull adult (number 2)

Med Gull adult (number 3)

Later on when the bin man arrived he decided to feed the gulls, I wonder if this is a regular occurence early morning? It prompted a super tight feeding frenzy with Starlings at the edges and the odd Herring Gull muscling in on the act. If you can view this one larger it's worth it IMO.

I managed to get a couple of flight/open wing shots of both juvenile Black headed Gull and Med Gull so I thought I'd drop them on for anyone interested in seeing them side by side. Look at the colour of the primaries, the white centres on BHG vs the all dark of the Med Gull, the leg and bill colour also one of the key differences.
Black Headed Gull, juvenile.

Med Gull, juvenile.

Med Gull, juvenile.


Birding Sometimes said...

Like the roosing juvy pic Alan

Martin Kitching said...

8 adults and 3 juvs there on Tuesday