Friday, 17 July 2009

All Rosy On A Rainy Day.

Two hours of seawatching this morning in hard rain produced almost nothing of note, a single Manx Shearwater was the only Shearwater or Skua species seen. I'd gone with eyes open as conditions in the Atlantic have not been conducive to good seawatching over here but I thought perhaps a windblown Storm Petrel or even one of those July Little Auks that get reported every year (erm yes of course you did).
I arrived at the Newbiggin hide to find ADMC complete with deckchair and shopping bag cushion from 1974 already in prime view. Filling me in with his haul so far he mentioned that he had seen several Roseate Tern passing south and fishing back north. As if to reinforce the point he pointed one out seconds later.
Over the course of the next hour probably eight-ten passed by mostly singles but at least one group of three adult. Some fishing, one grappling with some sand eel and visibly chopping it in the air. Most were reasonably close in the increasing North East wind and provided a great opportunity to compare them with the Common & Arctic also present.
Church Point can be good for Roseate sat on the rocks at the right tide conditions but despite the poor weather I obtained some of the best flight views I've had of the rarest of Northumberland's breeding terns. (Sorry no crippling images due to rain).
Given the good year they are having on Coquet Island the next two weeks probably offer the best opportunity to catch up with them.

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