Monday, 8 June 2009

Whole Lotta Nothing.

Spend enough time reading other people's blogs and it can give you a bit of an inferiority complex. Especially when everyone is seeing 'good' birds and you're not. The trouble is there is always a blogger out there who's had a good day, good days make good reading.

Bad days on the other hand don't make such good reading. You don't read many entries like this:

Went out to check for locally breeding Long-eared Owls. Spent 1.5hours at a site nearby where they were breeding a few years ago. Saw two Woodpigeon sat on overhead cable. After 35 minutes the stillness was broken by a Fox moving through the field in the distance, briefly. Five Canada Geese flew over silently as I left, the highlight of my birding evening.

It doesn't quite grab your attention does it. I suspect many folk, many of the most entertaining bloggers have days/nights like this, they just don't publish them much. Roll on Wednesday.

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