Monday, 22 June 2009

Summer Morning Sightings.

This morning I left it a little later, up at six so only had time for somewhere local before the school run. I hadn't been inland for a while so I hopped across to Mitford Castle. Despite the lack of big glass on the camera I spent most of my time playing about with settings and trying to capture the odd bird. As expected in the middle of SUMMER (don't believe these seasonal heretics from Druridge who are attempting to confuse you into thinking it may be Autumn) there wasn't a huge amount visible, three Jay announced their presence in typical fashion, a Green Woodpecker still yaffling briefly. I disturbed a Common Buzzard in the top field with all the white cattle in, moments before noticing that the muscular looking one nearest me was in fact a boy cow and making a hasty departure back to the relative safety of the riverbank. A juvenile Dipper obligingly let me have one shot before leaving and apart from the calling young Blue Tits that were everywhere today that was about it. A Nuthatch amongst the pines in the house next to Highford Bridge proved impossible to get a decent shot of in the darkness amongst foliage.

Tomorrow should see the replacement CD with software arriving so hopefully we'll be in glorious technicolour this time tomorrow night..... assuming no further hitches.

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Birding about Northumberland said...

I have been chased by cows at Dunstunburgh castle a few years ago, so much so I thew muself off a cliff, so you were sensible to make a hasty retreat.
'cows are not friendly'