Thursday, 25 June 2009

Margaret Moth.

The process of putting names to things still puzzles me. I'm just not sure why we do what we do. Why is there this inherent need, that burns hot, to know what something is? After all the name is just something someone else has given the creature in hand, we could just as easily give it our own. Take the moth below I could have just called it Margaret, it looks a bit tatty, past it's best and in need of hospitalisation, wouldn't that have done? No, sadly not it seems I have to spend hours (no kidding) trying to match it with a picture on a website no doubt put together by someone else with a similar affliction. There's no punchline here, I can't tell you why the fact that this is a Poplar Hawk Moth makes me any happier than if it was a Margaret, but it does. It brings a sense of deep satisfaction that along with a few others I can now look at this and say Poplar Hawk Moth. One more time then...

Poplar Hawk Moth.

With thanks to NE Moths for help in the wee hours.

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