Thursday, 18 June 2009


My own personal version of the financial crisis appeared today when I rang Warehouse Express to confirm that I hadn't misheard the delivery day yesterday.
Customer Service Operator: "Sorry sir but the card payment was refused"
Me: Silence.
Me: $%***
Luckily the legacy of my previous good financial standing means that another card was available that worked, phew.
New ETA Friday, minus the big lens until it arrives back in stock so don't expect too much too soon.

As this is meant to be about birds I should mention that I had a funny incident with a male Blackbird a few days ago. One appeared in the garden with a yellow 'tassle' hanging from it's head. Looking through bins I couldn't work out if it was a Wasp attached by the sting, some kind of flower, or perhaps a flap of skin. It reappeared several times and was obviously irritated and spooked by this thing as it flicked about over it's eye causing it to be very jumpy. It reappaered several times but wouldnt sit still long enough to get a good look at it's extra bit, eventually it returned minus the extra baggage looking unharmed by its experience.

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