Saturday, 20 June 2009

Hitch 2 - The Curse of Technology.

The saga continues, for anyone coming in to this the second instalment, the paragraph in italics below gives a quick synopsis of what's gone before.

Our hero (that's me) has rode the financial crises and storms to sell his business and give up work (for now). He has taken huge risks by investing in a Canon 40D as he is unproven and unskilled in the world of image making. At the last moment when he is finally looking forward to his Holy Grail the huge corporate monster Barc-le-card deal him a severe blow by refusing his credit. Luckily our wily warrior has a trick or two of his own up his sleeve and just as all seems lost he opens a small wallet that has lain unnoticed except by small micromoths at his side for many years. From the wallet he pulls out the Advanta given to him many moons ago by Knight of the realm Sir Goodwin of Fred. The day is saved the Canon is despatched and all seems well.

Well, it's here, after weeks of trawling the Internet and checking emails for advice I've finally got something big and chunky in my hand and it feels great. Having opted for a two lens package on top of the separately ordered 100-400mm IS Zoom, I have the body and an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6IS and EF-S 55-250mm IS. I'm now on a learning curve that's so steep Eddie the Eagle would get a nosebleed. It's all hooked up and whilst I'm running on fully automatic till I start to learn what it's capable of I'm looking forward to getting out and about and getting some shots. Every silver lining has a cloud however and this is no exception. Every CD in the box works except the one with the bloody EOS Utility software, i.e the bit that moves your images from camera to computer. I discovered this about 9pm last night after all the call centres and support people are long gone to their Friday night watering holes, so now I have to wait till I can get a replacement or Canon tell me the secret on line location from which you can download the file. You can download the updates but unless you have at least one copy of the original it won't work. I've read you can mess about with the registry to fool it but to be honest I'd rather wait.
I nipped out for an hour this morning to QE2 and Linton Pond and put both the 'standard' lens through their paces so I'll add some of those shots to this post when I can. I felt the part at QE2, adopting a 'John Malloy' pose lying prostrate in Goose shit to get my first shots. Nothing really to offer bird wise as it was all ducks, geese and a single Herring Gull. A few wildflowers and a new butterfly for me at Linton in Large Skipper which frankly had I not had the camera I probably wouldn't have noticed. Roll on Monday.

Edit 23 June, Images now added.

Scabby Drake Mallard Test Shot at QEII.

Jackdaw & Rook QEII CP.
Canada Goose, shot from the shit.
Northern Marsh Orchid in a proper setting at Linton Pond.
Large Skipper, Linton Pond.


Stewart said...

I bet your computer would upload the images without the software. Just plug the lead in, switch the camera on and he ho up comes a box asking to to continue with the camera wizard... :)

Alan Tilmouth said...

Probably but the words "Never connect the camera before you install the software" spooked me a little. I've ignored instructions before with diastrous consequences so I'll be patient.

Stewart said...

Ah, maybe these DSLRs are more tempremental than compacts. I find I can plug my cameras ( both) into any pc without discs? Hope you get it sorted soon....